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Courses Catalog

* Firearm Safety (MA LTC) ​​
(Course fee $140)

This Firearm Safety course provides hands-on instruction in the fundamental skills required to properly operate, unload, and handle a semi-automatic handgun. This is an excellent step toward obtaining your Massachusetts License to Carry (LTC). The Don Firearms conducts this course in the classroom to give students enough time to get the information, attitude, and skills essential for safely owning and storing a handgun. This course satisfies the criteria for a Massachusetts License To Carry (LTC), as well as the basic requirements for nonresident, concealed carry licenses in many other jurisdictions. NOTE: This course does not require shooting, but we offer a complementary hour in the range to students that register online. 

* Basic Pistol ​​
(Course fee $175)

This course provides hands-on training in the fundamentals of operating, loading, and shooting a semi-automatic handgun safely. This is an excellent follow-up to the Firearm Safety (MA LTC) course. This training is offered by Don Firearms and includes 6 hours in the classroom and 2 hours on the range to provide students enough time to develop the essential mindset and abilities. This course also fulfills the criteria for a Massachusetts License To Carry (LTC) as well as the standard requirements for non-resident concealed carry weapon licenses in many other states like Rhode Island LCCW and Connecticut Concealed Carry permit.

* Conceal Carry 
(Course fee $99)

According to statistics, a violent crime occurs every 24.6 seconds in the United States. We will utilize handguns to study safe and correct concealment carry practices, develop defensive pistol expertise, and participate in a variety of shooting exercises like the Tueller Drill. We'll go through the color code for situational awareness, the demands of mental workouts in various settings, and point shooting tactics. Finally, we'll work from the holster to improve reloading efficiency and eliminate malfunctions or errors with drawing from concealment. Practical, moral, physical, ethical, and economical concerns for concealed carry swag, as well as defensive shooting skills for any confrontation, whether walking or driving, are covered in this intense training.

* Stop The Bleed 
(Course fee $125)

Stop the Bleed is a practical lesson that teaches you how to stop catastrophic bleeding. We want to provide families practical knowledge and application strategies so they may feel confident in their ability to reduce blood loss from any form of trauma. Learners will be able to asses the safety of scenarios, as well as evaluate and treat patients who are in danger of dying. Students learn how to assist stop bleeding and add time to an afflicted person's life with our Stop the Bleed course. If you're going to learn how to take life, you should especially learn how to save someone's life.

* Home Defense (online) 
(Course fee $25)

With our online Home Defense course, we assist students in developing personal and home security strategies in our Home Defense course. This course shall define the permissible use of force, violent interactions, and their aftermath based on Massachusetts legislation. Students will leave with a clear strategy to secure their houses and families after completing this 4-hour online session.  

* Intro to Rifle Shooting 
(Course fee $125)

Anyone in Massachusetts looking to learn to fire contemporary sports rifles should take this Intro to Rifle course. This course teaches students the fundamental information and abilities needed to safely handle, load, and shoot a rifle. Students will be coached through rifle handling techniques and developing good shooting skills with a rifle.

* Intro to Shotgun Shooting 
(Course fee $125)

Anyone interested in learning to shoot shotguns should take this Intro to Shotgun course. This course gives students the fundamental information and skills they need to safely handle, load, and shoot a shotgun. Students will be taken through shotgun manipulation drills and range exercises to improve their comfort level and create a solid shotgun marksmanship base.

* Responding to Active Shooter 
(Course fee $99)

The Don Firearms offers a comprehensive course for schools, religious institutions, and families on how to spot and respond to an active shooter. Students will begin to create Emergency Operation Plans, and any additional special considerations for specific institutions. In this course, students will work through Run, Hide, Fight methodologies along with each pro and con to each. In the event of responding to casualties, this course will expose students to basic triage techniques. 

* Survival Bag (online) 
(Course fee $25)

Have you ever ran out of petrol while driving on the highway during the winter? Has your family ever been relocated because of a house fire in your neighborhood? Have you ever pondered how long you could go without food or shelter? It's essential to have a survival bag in your car and at home. TDF covers crisis phases, SMOLE survival methods, and packing lists for both Bug-Out Bags (B.O.B) and I'm Never Coming Home (I.N.C.H) bags in this free online session. Join us for this important examination of how to take control of your own survival.\

* Skill Development 
(Course fee $85)

This is a two-hour tutoring practice that includes specific pistol shooting assignments that are designed to improve a student's trigger command and precise accuracy. During this session, TDF will offer some analytical advice on how to progress from a novice to an intermediate shooter. TDF will assist students in developing a self-paced shooting development program using multiple shooting drills so that they do not have to squander hundreds of dollars on ammo in order to improve accuracy and performance. We provide students with the information, skills, capacity to self-assess, and target templates they need to make range sessions purposeful and productive in this session. Students are responsible for purchasing or bringing their own ammunition. 

* Personal Coaching 
(Course fee $99)

Have you ever wondered why your shots aren't landing or why you can't get bullseye hits? TDF will train with students on appropriate grip, trigger manipulation, and sight alignment during this one hour session. We'll work with students to come up with methods for distinguishing between marksmanship and defensive training. Consider booking some time with TDF to improve your shooting abilities. Students are responsible for purchasing or bringing their own ammunition. 

* Private Sessions 
(Course fee $350)

If you want a private session exclusively for you and your friends or family. We provide private lessons from any of our course offerings. On a mutually agreed-upon date and time, we will offer an exclusive class just for you and your party. A minimum of four paying students is required. For further information, please call, email, or text us. (Private fee $350 per person)